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Classes at Belief Boutique Gym

Upgrade your health & fitness at Belief Boutique Gym Innovative, on trend fitness hub facilitating all the fundamentals of fitness. Belief has an urban vibe. On entering the gym, you regain a sense of I can do this! It is a gym of empowerment and the members are at the forefront of everything it stands for! The community spirit is alive and is a social hub for everyone. If you want a space to workout, vibe out and have fun, Belief is for you.

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney


Similar to a CrossFit style class except we leave out the complex Barbell and Gymnastic movements. This is a great class for overall conditioning and for getting that sweat on. Suitable for all levels of fitness and perfect for the busy professional.

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney


Blending Qlympic lifting, gymnastics & body weight movements, this unique approach integrates Strength, Endurance, mobility, flexibility, stamina and power. We also add in some core work to finish off giving you that extra little burn at the end of your class. CrossFit is suitable for all Levels of fitness.

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney


With these two unique styles of training the benefits are doubled. Trx is a great way to start your fitness journey, With the TRX there is alot of focus on strengthening your core, The kettle bells are a great mix of isolation and explosive movements.

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney

WOW - ( Women On Weights)

Designed to target multiple muscle groups, A mix of low and high repetitions, intervals & high intensity body weight movements. This class will increase your heart rate and burn a ton of calories in a short period of time, burning fat giving you that lean effect.

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney


The pre-eminent of cardio, Using all the concept 2 machines, Rower's, C2 bikes and Ski Ergs. Building your Endurance is the key to improving your base fitness levels. And for increasing your fitness for any sport you play. Give your Heart ❤ and Lungs the workout they need to function effectively everyday.

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney


Our sweat class is a mix of metabolic, Cardiovascular and Interval training. Burning a high amount of calories is guaranteed with this type of class. A 30min class with a optional finisher at the end to leave you feeling invigorated.

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney

CrossFit Barbell - Olympic Lifting

Cleans & Snatches, Squats, Deadlifts, pressing & Jerks integrating all your favourite barbell movements. Warm up & Mobility, Technique work, followed by an Emom or strength work, finishing off with a workout that will enable you to put all that technique work into practice.

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney

Anti Gravity Yoga

Anti Gravity Yoga is a flexibility class where hammocks are used to deepen and assist the stretches . There is a big emphasis on hip flexors and inversions such as spine decompression. There is some meditation added to allow you to relax and let go throughout your practice. Relax - Breathe - Release (45min duration)