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Belief Boutique Gym Killarney

Belief Teens / Pre Teens Fitness Academy

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney

Belief Boutique Gym Killarney

We have created the broadest range of Fitness for our local youths. Our goal is to provide them with the best of sports development , every aspect of fitness and strength by including all the fundamentals in our programming along with lots of variety and fun. The building blocks for all sports Our programme consists of the following:

CrossFit , Trx ,Boxing , Weights, Anti Gravity Yoga , Strength & Conditioning, and Gymnastics What they will learn

✔ Correct movement patterns with a big emphasis on technique
✔ Experience new fitness concepts with variety to educate them in all areas of health and fitness
✔ Physical and Mental conditioning
✔ Resilience building for everyday challenges
✔ Social & Confidence building
✔ Increased fitness and strength
✔ Increaced sports performance

Led by expert coaches putting their experience and learnings into a format that your child can learn and develop from. With a wide range of sporting backgrounds, our coaches have the unique ability to provide high-level coaching to bring them to the next level . We are here to optimise their performance in sports and life.

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